With the growth of technology and many social media applications, people have come up with ways to earn earnings. The rate cards for people in this industry are high. The porn community cannot be left out in this. They have come up with cam sites that have webcam models that entertain adults on a live cam.

This will answer the question of how to be a cam girl.

Cam girls are also known as e-girls or even webcam girls.

They earn money by providing adult services online.

Being porn’s new thing, camsites are said to collect so much money. Viewers usually pay a token to the site, and it’s then shared among the cam models and the site itself. The sharing proportion usually depends on the site you sign up on. You don’t have to worry as you will get pointers on being the best cam girl. You could even decide on making it a full career.

Just like any job, it has to resonate with your character. It has to be you for you to entertain your viewers by doing something that you love.

On to the guidelines:

Choosing a cam site

You would think that now that you have a computer and a webcam, that is all that is needed. Those are just basics to the job; a cam site is necessary because only through them will you get your audience and your paycheck.

When identifying a cam site, it should provide you security, a wider audience, and check on the Payment proportion.

When making this decision, you have to know what you are really looking for. Is it the popularity that you desire? Is it the moneythat attracts you there? Or you are just up to exploring and want to fulfill specific desires.

There arecategories to these sites, token sites, and private sites.

Token sites are those where you present yourself and viewers pay token to view. Private sites are those that you have to be selected by a viewer and taken to a private space and pay a fixed rate for the privacy service.

Beginners are advised to start with the private ones before they get used to this environment. 

Deciding on a cam model name and setting up the profile

You might have probably decided about this yet, but you can just check-in if your name-checks all boxes. Your name should depict your persona, what you actually represent. It matches your viewers’ first impression of who you really are.

I will try to suggest a few names for your pick; sweet cheeks would be great for plus size, curvy girl; Red Gin is also a great name that you can never know whatcharacter to pin it o.

It is just a catchy name; find a name that attracts your people.

To set up your profile: insert your username that could be your webcam name, fix a secure password one that you will easily remember, fix your date of birth, and an identity document is required, which is a photo of you, make sure it’s a pretty one.

With that, you can now collect all equipment and tools of work – what style will you be rocking and ensure you have a great stage or backdrop for your life.

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