With advancements in technology, Lovify has made it become easy to maintain a long-distance relationship, especially with Facetime and texting. Besides, there are sex toys, which your partner can control from miles away. Maybe it is not the same as enjoying a sexual relationship with your partner physically present. Still, you get satisfaction to release your stress and anxiety, especially in this pandemic situation. You can start building up the pleasure with blue tooth controlled adult toys.

Bluetooth toys get controlled with your tablet or smartphone. Some apps give users a more controlled and customized masturbation experience. You can even provide the control to your partner and allow them to control your orgasms. A perfect way to keep your sex life spiced up even when you are in an LDR, using these vibrators and active imagination can help.

All the long-distance adult toys can be enjoyed regularly, but regular sex toys cannot be used for the long-distance act. The toys designed for long distances operate via the internet. It allows your partner to control the intensity and rhythm from across the world or room.

For long-distance partners, who are unsure where to start, below are some options you can check on goLovify.com.

Cordless wand vibrators

We-Vibe designers introduced a cordless wand vibrator with ten vibration settings. The design is a simple wand-like toy with a flexible head that moves across the body. It connects with the We-Connect app. It has two extra attachments for more targeted penile and clitoral stimulation. Make sure to keep your phone unlocked and charged while exploring your erogenous zones with the wand.

Tryst Silicone Massager Waterproof Black

The design is flexible and easily held in your hand for multiple intimate encounters. It fits a penis with ease, and you can enjoy a seamless seven function massager. With speed change in the shaft rotation, you can feel the excitement escalating. There are three powerful motors, which your partner can control and which makes this super versatile.

Verge Vibrating Ring

We-Vibe designed an app-controlled penis ring vibrator. There is a pointed end, which allows the wearer to get some perineum activity. It fits perfectly on your contour, and its rumbly vibrations are controllable through the We-Connect app. Your partner can create customized vibrations or play with preprogrammed modes.

We-Vibe Jive Bluetooth controlled vibrator

The vibration modes and patterns you get are low, medium, high, pulse, tease, wave, massage, ultra, ramp, and tempo. You can add a little excitement to your long-distance relationship with the rechargeable and waterproof Jive vibe. It is made from a non-porous, body-safe silicone material. It allows you to enjoy self-pleasure while engaging in sexting with your partner, watching an erotic film together, or having them take control of the app. This interactive play allows couples to stay engaged with each other and keeping that intimacy intact.

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync is the coveted couples sex toy, highly sought after as it has an adjustable arm that will fit most bodies. This toy features a shell-like clam shape that offers stimulation to both parties—the product controlled through We-Vibe’s We-Connect app and remote control, ideal with your partner or yourself.


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