It is normal to have misconceptions and mistaken beliefs about something we don’t really know. However, this doesn’t mean you tag your myths along everywhere. The same is the case when you are looking forward to have sex with a trans woman. There are so many questions that one has that it feels like they aren’t there to have sex, but to attend a Transgender Sex Education 101.


If you are thinking of hiring a trans escort, we recommend you keep on reading to clear a few doubts you might have. However, in order to enjoy your night with your sexy escort, don’t discuss these myths with her…


Myths about having sex with a trans woman


  1. They look feminine because of plenty of surgeries they go through


This is that one myth which almost every trans woman experiences. People just assume that they look beautiful just because they had surgeries. Well, this is total crap. There are no surgeries which can give you a pretty face, perky boobs, amazing ass, and vagina in like no time.


The truth is they undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and not a surgery. It might take several months, and even years in some cases to see some visible results. With HRT, some trans woman experience below mentioned things during the first year:


  • Softer skin
  • Less smelly sweat
  • Less wavy hair
  • Less body hair
  • Breast develops
  • Muscle mass drops


In simple words, it’s not the surgeries that make trans women beautiful, just some HRT.


  1. Trans women always like top


It is again a big misconception. Just because she has a penis, it does not mean she is looking forward to penetrate. In fact, for most trans woman, penetrative sex is uncomfortable. If anything, it makes them feel that they have to play the masculine role, and aren’t females (which is how they identify themselves).



  1. Trans women always like bottom


So, if she doesn’t like top, she likes bottom. Well, this is not the case. There is no specific position – top or bottom. It entirely depends on their preference. In fact, some are even into both. So, just like you communicate with any man or woman before having sex with them, do the same with a trans woman too.


  1. Every trans woman is kinky and horny


No doubt, every trans woman enjoys different sexual experiences, and who wouldn’t after being sexually suppressed for years. However, this doesn’t mean they are born with kinkiness. A trans woman has her own preferences, tastes, and limitations when it comes to sex, just like any other cis woman.


  1. It is difficult for them to have sex with penis


Nope, nothing is like how it may seem. Whether she wants to use her penis or keep it out of sex, that’s absolutely her choice. There is no physical issue if she wants to use it. If she is taking HRT treatment, then the penis is soft and makes it difficult for her to achieve an erection.


So, you see. Having sex with a trans woman isn’t difficult, as far as you have an open and clear mind. Now, don’t let the myths ruin your relation and experience with your trans woman.

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