1. Consider Your Preferences While Choosing A Toy
  • First, where you want to target is something you need to consider when you are looking for a sex toy.
  • We mentioned that some toys are best for psychological stimulation, and others work well with your G-Spot. You can also find sex toys made for anal play and options that you can use together.
  • It’s all about determining your preferences and finding the best toy.
  • To be truthful with yourself, find out what keeps you going. You can shop online for sex toys in private if certain issues are stopping you from experiencing sex shops in person.


  1. You can trust an online sex shop to make your purchase.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down which sex toys are in a particular category, it’s now time to identify the bad choices.
  • The internet is full of options but not all online stores will offer safe and long-lasting products. Be sure to stick with trusted sites such as Bliss Vixen.
  • Additionally, stores with a storefront tend to stock basic high-selling products.


  1. Know What “Body-Safe Materials” Really Means
  • You don’t have to blindly believe a product that claims to be “body-safe,” so keep reading to find out what makes it safe.
  • The first step is to search for sex toys made of non-porous. Porous sex toys are difficult to clean, which can lead to infections and toxic effects on your body.
  • Glass toys are ideal for this purpose. To prevent injury, however, remove any toys made from glass that chip.
  • Glass sex toys are often too rigid and don’t fit well to your body.
  • You might find a non-porous and more flexible toy if you keep this in mind.
  • This allows the toy to be bent to fit your needs while being simple to clean. But be careful with products that attempt to mimic silicone.
  • To make plastic products more flexible some manufacturers may include phthalates. This is not only harmful to your body, but it can also be dangerous for the environment.
  • In small quantities, phthalates do not cause irritation in thin wallpaper or shower curtains.
  • However, the amount of thick sex toy material required is too much for continuous contact with your body. This is especially true for your most sensitive parts.


  1. Remember that Some Toys Come with Accessories
  • Remember to include accessories with your sex toy.
  • Apart from the product itself, there might be additional add-ons available that are needed or helpful.
  • This is especially true when using a wand to massages, such as the Hitachi Wand or the extremely strong doxy.
  • You can enhance your sexual experience by getting a wand that attaches to any third-party head.


  1. Chargers & Batteries
  • Some vibrators are powered by a charge, while others require batteries that can be changed.
  • If this is the case it’s best that you purchase the batteries and the toy at the same time.
  • Some brands of vibrators will not work with ordinary alkaline batteries.
  • If you don’t have the right batteries, it may cost you a lot more than you think.
  • Even with the option to power up with standard alkaline cells, this can cause motor damage and even death.
  • It is best to use heavy-duty options for the best results.


  1. Lubricants Recommended
  • It is not always simple and takes time for some women to get themselves wet.
  • You can’t do the same thing as your partner, and you don’t have to foreplay.
  • There are three kinds of lubricants: liquid-based, silicon-based, and oil-based. First, water-based lubricants work with all sex toys. Also, they are very easy to clean. They are the best choice for lubricating sex toys.
  • Finally, oil-based Lubricants have the best surface adhesion and don’t need reapplying.
  • Although they can be used with a sex toy, they are also the most difficult to clean and are likely to cause infections.
  • Oil-based oil lubricants can cause damage to latex materials, so they are against most condoms.


  1. Maintain a Clean Sex Toy
  • Also, think about how you’ll clean it between uses. This will help keep you healthy, infection-free, long-lasting.
  • You can choose from sprays, foaming cleansers, or wipes depending on what you prefer to clean your toys.
  • For waterproof sex toys, you can wash them in warm soapy water and rinse them well. However, for non-waterproof sex toys, recommend the cleaners. This is safer and more secure.
  • Make sure to dry your sex toy before storing it. It can significantly increase its life span. This is especially true with electric toys.

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